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MVMS Social-Emotional Learning

At MVMS we focus on the whole child by implementing a social-emotional learning curriculum and character education. We do this on Monday mornings during Success period. Each Monday students work on a lesson that promotes self-awareness, social-awareness, mindset skills, relationship skills, character skills, and career exploration.

MVMS uses The Mind Trek SEL Program.


Mind Trek SEL



SEL Framework


Marauder Gold

This year we will be continuing a program to incorporate character education into our daily activities. The program is called "Marauder Gold." Each month we will be emphasizing a character trait. Students exemplifying this trait may be awarded "Marauder Gold" by their teachers. Students may use their Marauder Gold to "buy" fun activities.


Marauder Gold Logo




August/September: Respect

October/November: Responsibility

December/January: Trustworthiness

February/March: Kindness

April/May: Leadership


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